The Trinity Development Team would like to thank everyone listed below for their assistance. These individuals have freely offered their time and effort to make Trinity better. Without their support Trinity would not exist in its current form.

If we have forgotten to add your name to the list, please contact us via the trinity-devel mailing list.

Trinity Developers

NameContributing Area(s)
Timothy PearsonProject administrator
Primary developer
Build farm administrator
Debian/Ubuntu packaging maintainer
Slávek BankoSRU development, management, and builds
Francois AndriotRedhat/Fedora packaging maintainer
Michele CalgaroDeveloper
Documentation reviewer
Debian/testing and quality assurance
Emanoil KotsevBugfixes and general improvements

Content Distribution

Name Contributing Area(s)
Mike Bird (Yosemite Network)Mirror 1 [United States]
UK Mirror ServiceMirror 2 [United Kingdom]
Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-NürnbergMirror 8 [Germany]

Active mirror list

Web Team

NameContributing Area(s)
E. LiddellDesign
Timothy PearsonMaintenance

Past Contributors
Gone, but not forgotten...thank you for your previous support!