Getting Involved with Trinity Development

So you think you have what it takes to become a Trinity Desktop Developer? Great! Getting started with a new project can be intimidating, but here at the Trinity project we love new developers! If you have any area of expertise that you think could be helpful, we encourage you to speak up. The first thing to do is poke around the website, the wiki, and the mailing list logs in order to get acquainted with the project. Emailing the developers mailing list is the best way to be recognized and start helping out. Patches are always welcome as well as new ideas. We look forward to your contributions!

Note that for legal reasons you need to sign a CLA before submitting patches or making commits. We do not transfer copyright; the CLA simply formalizes our rights to use your open-source work in our open-source project.

While all are welcome, the Trinity team is currently looking for help in the following specific areas:

  • Application bugfixes
  • Bluetooth support
  • Language translation/support
  • Artwork
  • UI design review

If you believe you can assist in these areas, please contact us.